Last Updated: Monday, January 14, 2018
Updates at last! New comic!

If you're new to Dragon Mango, the story may make slightly
more sense if you start at the Beginning.

January 14th, 2018 - Here's a new comic. Sorry it's just a short one this time - I really wanted to throw out another long multi-page thing since the story's slowed down so much due to the huge battle, but it's taking a long time. I figured it's better to post what I have now rather than go months without updates. Sorry for the wait. I'll pick up the pace.

Despite how difficult this section is proving to draw, I'm having a lot of fun drawing 18-T. As some of you may have been able to tell from the occasional Furmanism in my writing, I was a big fan of the British Transformers comic back in the mid 1980's. Its influence has always shown in my dialogue and narrator boxes, but I think this is the first time the influence really shows up in the art. Mostly because this is the first time in Dragon Mango someone's pulled out a giant robot - well, the first time you've seen one clearly, anyway.

It won't be the last. ;)

- Mark

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