Last Updated: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
At last, new comic!

If you're new to Dragon Mango, the story may make slightly
more sense if you start at the Beginning.

17/05/2017 - Wow, had a bit of a delay between comics that time! Sorry about that.

Part of the reason is because fight scenes are hard to draw - not that the fight has really started yet - and so is Lecithin, who I'm beginning to regret making quite such a complicated looking dragon! Fortunately, just like Mango's armour, it's getting easier with practice, so hopefully future pages won't take quite THIS long...

The OTHER part of the reason is because we've been busy scrambling trying to get things ready. Ready for what, you ask? Why, it's that time of year again... Dragon Mango will once again have a table at Anime North! Do please come say hi if you're in the neighbourhood.

- Mark

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