Pony Platforming
The Pony Platforming Project

Yes, I admit it - I wrote some games with ponies in them.

Originally a silly little project I threw together for fun, the Pony Platforming Project ended up becoming five games (so far), with a sixth one hopefully on the way... although it would appear my ambition really got the better of me on that one! Still, hope springs eternal...

In the meantime, if you feel like playing some silly little flash games about colourful talking equines, here's what exists so far!

Pony Platforming Project (starring Applejack)
Holiday Special (starring Applejack)
Minty Fresh Adventure (Starring Colgate)
Fresh Minty Adventure (Starring Minty)
Minuette vs Tardiness (Starring Minuette)

The Game so Far:

Original Demo
Holiday Special
Minty Fresh Adventure
Fresh Minty Adventure
Minuette vs Tardiness


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