Last Updated: Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023
What do you know, it's a New Comic at last!

If you're new to Dragon Mango, the story may make slightly
more sense if you start at the Beginning.

May 23rd, 2023 - Once again, a new comic, as the flashback nears its conclusion and more of Dug's past is revealed. Getting to this point was a struggle - the basic facts of what happened to Dug in Square One have been known to the authors since the beginning, but actually telling the story coherently has proved quite challenging. Hopefully it's interesting.

At any rate, soon we'll be back in the present, and things can get a bit more light-hearted again. (And I'll hopefully be able to find some kind of replacement for the messageboard, which seems to have been totally destroyed along with Yahoo's original web hosting interface. Argh!)

On top of that, some incoming excitement... Anime North is this weekend! It'll be Dragon Mango's grand return to the convention after a long period of absence, with a long-absent author making her first appearance in a VERY long time! Please come see us if you get the chance!

Thanks as always for reading, and hope you're enjoying the story!

- Mark

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